Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon Tattoo by RisachantagThe Chinese dragon is a mythical beast of ancient Chinese folklore divine origin. It is now generally regarded as a huge serpentine creature scale and displayed. Unlike "Western Dragon", which has been described as evil, the Chinese dragon has long symbolized the power of patronage, both in folklore and art. Created in the land of agriculture-oriented country, the Chinese dragon is believed, rain and water, which also explains the position he takes in Chinese culture to be made.

For centuries, the Chinese people are proud to call themselves "Long De Chuan Ren" or "descendants of the dragon." This ethnic identity is supposed to come from Huang Di was a kind, the legendary emperor who have immortalized into a dragon. Since Huang is regarded as the ancestor of the Chinese, therefore, be the set of "Descendants of the Dragon".

By the myth of Huang, the Chinese dragon is symbolized as an imperial power. For the dynasties, the emperors were called "Long Zi" or "descendants of the dragon", the imperial dragon robes shot involved a birthmark like a dragon and claimed divine approval from heaven called.

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